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Barbara Lewis

Barbara Lewis

Letras de Barbara Lewis

  1. Baby I'm Yours
  2. Baby, what do you want me to do
  3. Don't forget about me
  4. Hello Stranger
  5. How can I say goodbye
  6. I remember the feeling
  7. I'll make him love me
  8. Make Me Belong To You
  9. Make Me Your Baby
  10. My heart went do dat da
  11. My Mama Told Me
  12. On Bended Knees
  13. Once In a Blue Moon
  14. Puppy Love
  15. Pushin' a good thing too far
  16. Sho-nuff (It's got to be your love)
  17. Since I Fell For You
  18. Snap your fingers
  19. Someday we're gonna love again
  20. Spend a little time
  21. Straighten up your heart
  22. Thankful for what I got
  23. The Windmills Of Your Mind
  24. Think a little sugar