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  1. zurzir
  2. Züriwest
  3. Zumpiattes
  4. Zumbis
  5. Zulma Cantora
  6. Zülfü Livaneli
  7. Zucchero
  8. ZRM
  9. Zoroastro
  10. Zorica Brunclik
  11. Zona Zero
  12. Zombies (Disney)
  13. Zoe Lilly

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  1. Hoje
  2. Quero Lhe Falar
  3. Corri
  4. Não Tem Hora e Nem Lugar
  5. Abençoa Nossa Reunião
  6. Curtir
  7. Cumpramos os Requisitos de Deus
  8. Não os Temais!
  9. As Coisas Bonitas de Deus
  10. Declaremos as Boas Novas Eternas
  11. Ainda Existem Cowboys
  12. Eu Não Quero Amar Você
  13. Doido Pra Te Amar


Barry Louis Polisar

Barry Louis Polisar

Letras de Barry Louis Polisar

  1. A Bee Will Sting You
  2. A Brontosaurus With Bronchitis
  3. A Clock Without A "C"
  4. A Giggle And A Hug And A Tickle And A Kiss
  5. A Sick Song
  6. Accident
  7. Alfabet Song
  8. All I Want Is You
  9. Ant And The Grasshopper
  10. Apple Of My Eye
  11. As You Sleep So Peacefully
  12. Aunt Anna Came To Our House
  13. Bad Boys
  14. Bad Guys Broke Into Our Car
  15. Barnyard Stomp
  16. Bumblebee Song
  17. But I'm Just Thirteen
  18. But They'll Never Have A Baby As Nice As Me
  19. Callie Wallie Doodle All The Day
  20. Caterpillar
  21. Chameleon
  22. Cindy Absent
  23. Crab
  24. Craster
  25. Dad Says That I Look Like HimDad says that I've got his nose, big and flat and long.
  26. Diaper Rash
  27. Dinosaur Song
  28. Do This, Do That
  29. Dog Barked
  30. Don't Eat The Food That Is Sitting On Your Plate
  31. Don't Leave Me In The House Alone
  32. Don't Put Your Finger Up Your Nose
  33. Don't Wake Up The Baby Or The Baby Will Get You
  34. Don't You Cry, Now Don't You Fuss
  35. Donuts
  36. Doo-doo Is A Bad Word
  37. Early Sunday Morning
  38. Ellen Grew A Beard
  39. Elvin And The Witch (See The Witch)
  40. Everywhere You Go
  41. First It Bit My Behind
  42. Five More Minutes
  43. Fred
  44. Get Your Hand Off My Leg And Your Foot Out Of My Shoe
  45. Giggle Tickle Fiddle Little Wiggle Around
  46. Go And Hush
  47. Have A Little Smoke?
  48. He Eats Asparagus, Why Can't You Be That Way?
  49. Hey Jack, What's In The Sack?
  50. Homemade
  51. I Can Do Anything
  52. I Can't Tie My Shoe
  53. I Can't, I Can't
  54. I Didn't Mean To
  55. I Don't Believe You're Going To The Bathroom
  56. I Don't Brush My Teeth And I Never Comb My Hair
  57. I Don't Wanna Go To School
  58. I Eat Kids
  59. I Forgot
  60. I Looked Into The Mirror, What Did The Mirror Say?
  61. I Lost My Pants
  62. I Love Your Eyes
  63. I Miss Grandma
  64. I Need You Like A Donut Needs A Hole
  65. I Never Did Like You Anyhow Stomp
  66. I Sneaked Into The Kitchen In The Middle Of The Night
  67. I Still Don't Like Asparagus
  68. I Used To Have a Sister
  69. I Wanna Be A Dog
  70. I Wanna Be Your Baby
  71. I'd Be Me
  72. I'm A Slug
  73. I'm A Three-Toed, Triple-Eyed, Double-Jointed Dinosaur
  74. I'm Bored
  75. I'm Late
  76. I've Got A Dog And My Dog's Name Is Cat
  77. I've Got A Teacher, She's So Mean
  78. If You've Got A Kid Who Complains All The Time
  79. It All Comes Back To Me
  80. It's My Mother And My Father And My Sister And The Dog
  81. Just The Way You Are
  82. Leroy Is A Late Bloomer
  83. Lucky To Be Alive
  84. Lullaby For A Crying Baby
  85. Marching Shoulder To Shoulder
  86. Marvin Doesn't Like The New Baby
  87. Me And You
  88. Mom And Dad Are Always Right
  89. Mom Said No I Said Why
  90. My Brother Thinks He's A Banana
  91. My Brother Threw Up On My Stuffed Toy Bunny
  92. My Dentist Is An Awfully Nice Man
  93. My Friend Jake
  94. My Mother Ran Away Today
  95. My Name Is Hiram Liplshlitz
  96. Never Cook Your Sister In A Frying Pan
  97. Not So Good At Baseball
  98. Nothing
  99. Oh No, I Like My Sister
  100. One Big Happy Family
  101. One Day My Best Friend Barbara Turned Into A Frog
  102. Our Dog Bernard
  103. Poor Orville Thlapp
  104. Potty Training
  105. Reptile World
  106. Sally Eats Shoelaces, Straw And String
  107. Shut Up In The Library
  108. Siamese Twins
  109. Skatter-Brack Flath Who Lives In My Bath
  110. Stanley Stole My Shoelace And Rubbed It In His Armpit
  111. That's What Makes The World Go 'Round
  112. There's no Substitute for a cat
  113. These Are Not My Children
  114. They Said Eat The Broccoli
  115. Thump Thump Thump
  116. Tomorrow
  117. Town Of Round
  118. Trouble....What Trouble?
  119. Tyrannosaurus Nix
  120. Underwear
  121. Warning
  122. Water
  123. We Don't Have To Share
  124. Wet Again
  125. What Are We Gonna Do About The Baby?
  126. What Do We Do With A Crying Baby?
  127. What If A Zebra Had Spots?
  128. When Suzie Sneezed
  129. When The House Is Dark And Quiet
  130. Who Got A Boo-Boo?
  131. Why Do I Love You?
  132. You're As Sweet As Sugar On A Stick