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Black Countess

Black Countess

Letras de Black Countess

  1. ...Of Octopus And Sodomizing Virgin
  2. Black Countess' Erotic Poetry
  3. Brunette In Black Stockings
  4. Demonica
  5. Desire
  6. Escape To Nowhere
  7. For My Fallen Angel
  8. God Grant She Lies Still
  9. In The Abyss Of Fear
  10. Last Chapter - Epilogue
  11. Lesbian Moon
  12. Lustful Embrance Of Whore
  13. Majestic Countess
  14. Passing The Death Valley (Including Shining Palace)
  15. Princess With Mermaid Soul
  16. Prologue - Royal Escort
  17. Red Carnations And Bloodstained Lingerie
  18. Return To The Sinful Earth
  19. Seduction And Defloration Of Eleanor
  20. Showing The Cards
  21. Sweaty Thighs Of Dominant Sluts
  22. Tempting By The Cunt
  23. The Chamber Of Sapphic Vice
  24. The Mystery Of A Witching Forest
  25. The Portrait
  26. The Queen Of The Fourth Dimension
  27. The Scent Of A Screaming Woman
  28. Through The Emerald Gates
  29. Vampiric Nymphomania
  30. Vestal Part I (Flame Between Her Thighs)