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  1. Alisson e Neide
  2. Samuel Mariano
  3. Racionais MC's
  4. Melim
  5. LetoDie
  6. Flamengo
  7. Kemilly Santos
  8. Hinos de Cidades
  9. Coral Kemuel
  10. Manu Silva
  11. Canção e Louvor
  12. Fabiana Anastácio
  13. Silvanno Salles

top 13 musicas

  1. Sinceridade
  2. Meu Abrigo
  3. Jesus Chorou
  4. Deus Escrevendo
  5. Quem Me Vê Cantando
  6. Fica Tranquilo
  7. Gritos da Torcida
  8. Ouvi Dizer
  9. Eu Sei Que Dói
  10. Te Amo Disgraça
  11. Paulo e Silas
  12. Monstros
  13. Eu Cuido de Ti


Cal Smith

Cal Smith

Letras de Cal Smith

  1. Afraid To Care
  2. All I Have To Offer You Is Me
  3. An Hour And A Six Pack
  4. At The Sight Of You
  5. Baby's Gone
  6. Ballad Of Forty Dollars
  7. Between Lust and Watching TV
  8. Big Ole Hurt
  9. Birds And Children Fly Away
  10. Bottle Let Me Down
  11. Boy Named Sue
  12. Country Bumpkin
  13. Daddy Sang Bass
  14. Darling You Know I Wouldn't Lie
  15. Double Dutch Bus
  16. Drinking Champagne
  17. Every Night You Make My Day
  18. Feeling The Weight Of My Chains
  19. Five Minutes In The Arms Of The Right Woman
  20. Games That Daddys Play
  21. Green Door
  22. Heart Of The Matter
  23. Heaven Is Just a Touch Away
  24. Home Wasn't Built In a Day
  25. Homecoming
  26. Honky Tonk Blues
  27. Hungry Eyes
  28. I Didn't Jump The Fence
  29. I Guess I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
  30. I Heard You Crying In Your Sleep
  31. I Just Came Home To Count The Memories
  32. I Love
  33. I Love You a Thousand Ways
  34. I Love You More Today
  35. I Think That I'd Be Better Off
  36. I Took Her For A Fool
  37. I'll Have Another Cup Of Coffee
  38. I'll Never Be Lonesome With You
  39. I'll Remember Her That Way
  40. I'll Sail My Ship Alone
  41. If I Had My Life To Live Over
  42. It Takes Me All Night Long
  43. Jacksonville
  44. Jason's Farm
  45. Julie
  46. King Lear
  47. Let's Turn Back The Years
  48. Life Of The Party Charlie
  49. Linda On My Mind
  50. Loser's Lounge
  51. Love Has a Friend
  52. Love Is The Foundation
  53. Mama's Face
  54. Message
  55. My Elusive Dreams
  56. Nobody Will Ever Take Your Place
  57. Okie From Muskogee
  58. Oklahoma Twister
  59. Old Faithful
  60. One Has My Name (the Other Has My Heart)
  61. One Run For The Roses
  62. Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town
  63. Sam's Place
  64. Some Kind Of a Woman
  65. Sweet Things I Remember About You
  66. Tabernacle Tom
  67. Talking To Your Memory Again
  68. Thanks a Lot For Trying Anyway
  69. That's All That's Left Of My Baby
  70. That's What It's Like To Be Lonesome
  71. The First Time
  72. The Lord Knows I'm Drinking
  73. The Only Thing I Want
  74. The Rise And Fall Of The Roman Empire
  75. The Room At The Top Of The Stairs
  76. They Don't Make Men Like My Daddy Anymore
  77. To See My Angel Cry
  78. When Two Worlds Collide
  79. Won't Someone Please Kiss My Sweet Thing
  80. Workin' Man Blues
  81. You Can't Housebreak a Tom Cat
  82. You Slip Into My Mind
  83. You Were Only Teasing Me
  84. You're Not Drowning Your Heartache