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Confira a Letra Lazy Eyelids

Carissa's Wierd

Lazy Eyelids

Trading your eyelids for a nightcap
no one has to know
your light is all out
saving all your yawns in a jar
no one has to know
sprinkled all of your cologne
all these things fly around my head
you're feeling the things you say
trading all your friends
for a pile of gold
only fools search for gold
saving all your time to yourself
somewhere all alone
you arrived way too late
so what was it
there you go
so what was it
there you go
just like always
you always go away
all of these things fly around my head
feeling the things you said
you're trading your eyelids for a nightcap
what is this
and when was this
its a mystery
you tried
you always go away
try waiting in your car
your running way too fast
now that didn't hurt that bad
i didnt understand
you never had to ask
i would've told you right now
i guess that i waited way too long
i still want you
this is all such a big mistake
im so lost inside
i cant move on
i swear that i never asked for this