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Carissa's Wierd

Carissa's Wierd

Letras de Carissa's Wierd

  1. (March 19th 1983) It Was Probably Green
  2. A Bathtile Green
  3. A Loose Hair Falls Into A Glass Of Water Without Ice
  4. A New Holiday
  5. A New Holiday (November 16th)
  6. All Apologies And Smiles, Yours Truly, Ugly Valentine
  7. Alphabet On The Manhole
  8. Asleep
  9. Asleep
  10. Bells
  11. Blankets Stare
  12. Blessed Arms That Hold You Tight, Freezing Cold And Alone
  13. Blue Champagne Glass
  14. Brooke Daniel's Tiny Broken Fingers
  15. Die
  16. Drunk With The Only Saints I Know
  17. Farewell To All These Rotten Teeth
  18. Figure It Out
  19. Fluorescent Lights
  20. Halfway Spoken Heart That Feels Comfort In Everything Until It Disappears And Then Its Gone
  21. Heather Rhodes
  22. Ignorant piece of shit
  23. Lazy Eyelids
  24. Low Budget Slow Motion
  25. Low Budget Slow Motion Soundtrack Song For The Leaving Scene
  26. Meredith & Iris
  27. One Night Stand
  28. Phantom Fireworks
  29. September Come Take This Heart Away
  30. Sharin' a Hole
  31. Silently Leaving The Room
  32. Sitting In The Smoking Lounge Of An Airport With a Broken Heart
  33. So You Wanna Be a Superhero
  34. Some Days Are Better Than Others
  35. Sophisticated Fuck Princess Please Leave Me Alone
  36. Suedehead
  37. Sympathy Bush
  38. The Color That Your Eyes Changed With The Color Of Your Hair
  39. The Ghost Of A Dead Hummingbird Flying Around The Room
  40. The Part About The Vine That's Growing Through My Window And Reaching Towards My Bed
  41. The Piano Song
  42. They'll Only Miss You When You Leave
  43. To Be There Now
  44. Tucson
  45. Unfaileable
  46. You Should Be At Home Here
  47. You Should Be Hated Here