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Confira a Letra Some Days Are Better Than Others

Carissa's Wierd

Some Days Are Better Than Others

Tonight starts to fade
And i'm starting to think things arent so great
Life would feel alright if i could just remember what i did last night
Why drag the hours from the clock on the wall
Didnt count at all
It always breaks my heart
Seen everyone
Its not right at all
Its just the worst they've done
We took a plane and waited all night
Because you felt like finding someone
She might wait by the phone
Just in case he called and he didnt get through
Its the only thing that makes any sense right now
Some days are better than others
Some people are too
Some feel a lot better than others
Just look at you
Catch the plane as quick as you can
I wish i could see the look on your face when you...
Much much more should...
Take a photograph
Send it to yourself
So when you...