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  1. Católicas
  2. Luiz Gonzaga
  3. Tribo da Periferia
  4. Roberto Carlos
  5. Padre Zezinho
  6. Xuxa
  7. Robson Biollo
  8. Racionais Mc's
  9. Flamengo
  10. Eduardo Costa
  11. Costa Gold
  12. Alisson e Neide
  13. Músicas Infantis

top 13 musicas

  1. Gritos da Torcida
  2. Jesus Chorou
  3. Te Amo Disgraça
  4. Coração de Aço
  5. Mostra-me Tua Gloria
  6. Sossega
  7. Efeitos do Longe
  8. Paulo e Silas
  9. Dependente
  10. Sinceridade
  11. Mãe, um pedaço de céu
  12. Primer Amor
  13. A Voz dos Animais


Charlie Pride

Charlie Pride

Letras de Charlie Pride

  1. A Brand New Bed Of Roses
  2. A Shoulder To Cry On
  3. A Word Or Two To Mary
  4. Every Heart Should Have One
  5. Everything She Touches Turns To Love
  6. Field Of Dreams
  7. Got Leaving On Her Mind
  8. He Can Be An Angel
  9. I Hope You're Feeling Me
  10. I'll Be Leaving Alone
  11. I'm Busted
  12. I'm Glad It Was You
  13. I'm Gonna Love Her On The Radio
  14. I'm Just Me
  15. I'm Learning How To Love Her
  16. I'm Only Losin' Everything I Threw Away
  17. In a Mississippi Cotton Picking Delta Town
  18. In Jesus Name I Pray
  19. It's Just a Matter Of Time
  20. Just Between Me And You
  21. Just For The Love Of It
  22. Let Me Live In The Light Of His Love
  23. Let My Love In
  24. Little Delta Church
  25. Lone Star Lonely
  26. Lord Build Me a Cabin In Gloryland
  27. Maybe Love Will Save The Day
  28. Missing You
  29. Mister Joe Henry's Happy Hand Clappin'
  30. Moody Woman
  31. Mountain Of Love
  32. My Eyes Can Only See As Far As You
  33. Night Games
  34. Nobody Answered Me
  35. Old Heart Rest In Pieces
  36. Party Dolls And Wine
  37. Roll On Mississippi
  38. Sail Away
  39. Santa And The Kids
  40. She's As Good As Gone
  41. Silence
  42. The Easy Part's Over
  43. The Happiness Of Having You
  44. The Hunger
  45. The Snakes Crawl At Night
  46. The Thought Of Losing You
  47. This Highway Leads To Glory
  48. Time Out For Jesus
  49. Trapped In An Old Country Song
  50. Walls
  51. When I Stop Leaving I'll Be Gone
  52. Where Do I Put Her Memory
  53. Where The Stars And Stripes And The Eagle Fly
  54. You Almost Slipped My Mind
  55. You Touched My Life
  56. You're My Jamaica
  57. You're So Good When You're Bad
  58. You've Got To Stand For Something