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  1. Alisson e Neide
  2. Flamengo
  3. Tribo da Periferia
  4. Racionais Mc's
  5. Lilo And Stitch
  6. Dorival Caymmi
  7. Haikaiss
  8. Costa Gold
  9. Bonde da Stronda
  10. Naruto Shippuuden
  11. Católicas
  12. Canções Escoteiras
  13. Ludmilla

top 13 musicas

  1. Sinceridade
  2. Aloha, e Komo Mai
  3. Gritos da Torcida
  4. A Praga
  5. Jesus Chorou
  6. Duas Doses de Saudade
  7. Magazine (part. Look)
  8. Sossega
  9. Nossa Química
  10. Da Ponte Pra Cá
  11. Dependente
  12. Sexy Lady
  13. Efeitos do Longe


Creation Is Crucifixion

Creation Is Crucifixion

Letras de Creation Is Crucifixion

  1. Antenna Builder Aka Engineer An Inverse Cellular Network
  2. Bottom Feeders [An Anthem For The Luddites]
  3. Burn The Churches [A Manifesto]
  4. Child Autonomous AKA Shit On Your Providers
  5. Confessions Of A Soothsayer
  6. Descent From Heaven
  7. Dethrone Or Devour ("While There Is A Soul In Prison I Am Not Free")
  8. Emergence (Through The Cables)
  9. GameBoy AKA This Is Where Technology And Anarchy Fuck
  10. Gutter Tech
  11. I'll Sleep Under The Ground
  12. Modeling The Fossile Evidence (There's Glory In Subversion)
  13. On Which It Fed
  14. Perceptions Of A Binary Meta-Psyche
  15. Predator-Prey
  16. Running With The Hunted
  17. School Steals The Capacity For Autonomous Action AKA Micro-Consuming Machine
  18. The Cyborg Handbook
  19. The Data Body
  20. The Iconography Of John Henry
  21. The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle The Master
  22. The Perfection Of Suicide Is In Its' Ambiguity