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Dailey and Vincent

Dailey and Vincent

Letras de Dailey and Vincent

  1. By The Mark
  2. Cumberland River
  3. Don't You Call My Name
  4. Don't You Want To Go To Heaven
  5. Farther Along
  6. Girl In The Valley
  7. He Bore It All
  8. Hide Me, Rock Of Ages
  9. I Am Resolved
  10. I Believe
  11. Jesus Is Coming Soon
  12. More than a Name on a Wall
  13. Music of the Mountains
  14. My Savior Walks with Me Today
  15. Near The Cross
  16. On The Other Side
  17. Place on Calvary
  18. Poor Boy Workin'
  19. Poor Boy Workin' Blues
  20. Sweet Carrie
  21. Take Me Back And Leave Me There
  22. The Old Rugged Cross
  23. When I Reach That Home Up There
  24. When I've Traveled My Last Mile
  25. Winter's Come And Gone
  26. Years Ago
  27. You Oughta Be Here With Me
  28. Your Love Is Like a Flower