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Letras de Darklord

  1. Blood Of Angels
  2. Crush The Holy Priest
  3. Damned To Exist Eternally
  4. Destruction Of The New Heaven
  5. Empty and alone
  6. I can feel the cancer growing
  7. I feel so hollow
  8. I see the future and all I see is black
  9. I Summon Thee
  10. Infernal Nekromancy
  11. Killing In The Name Of...
  12. Our Father Who Art In Hell
  13. Pure evil unstoppable
  14. Ritual Infanticide
  15. River of fire
  16. Screw it all
  17. War In The Sky
  18. We strike tonight
  19. We will fight Forever
  20. Why aren't you hear with me?
  21. Why Aren't You Here With Me?