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  1. Flamengo
  2. Católicas
  3. Xuxa
  4. Racionais Mc's
  5. Luiz Gonzaga
  6. Tribo da Periferia
  7. Padre Zezinho
  8. Costa Gold
  9. LetoDie
  10. Eduardo Costa
  11. Roberto Carlos
  12. Robson Biollo

top 13 musicas

  1. Gritos da Torcida
  2. Aloha, e Komo Mai
  3. Jesus Chorou
  4. Da Ponte Pra Cá
  5. Negro Drama
  6. Não Troco
  7. Pirata e Tesouro
  8. Sinto a Sua Falta
  9. Tô Brisando Em Você
  10. Monstros
  11. Eu Vou Te Buscar (part. Gusttavo Lima)
  12. Ampulheta
  13. Sobrenatural


Domestic Problems

Domestic Problems

Letras de Domestic Problems

  1. Beautiful Girl
  2. I Ate Your Horse
  3. I Fucked Your Wife
  4. I Gave Nambla Pictures Of You Kid
  5. I Hope You Get Deported
  6. I Intentionally Ran Over Your Dog
  7. I Just Saw The Gayest Guy On Earth
  8. I Like Drugs And Child Abuse
  9. I Lit Your Baby On Fire
  10. I Noticed That You're Gay
  11. I Paid J. Howell To Rape You
  12. I Pushed Your Wife In Front Of The Subway
  13. I Snuck A Retard In To A Sperm Bank
  14. I Sold Your Dog To A Chinese Restaurant
  15. I Wanna Grow Old With You
  16. I Went Back In Time A Voted For Hitler
  17. I'm Glad Jazz Faggots Don't Like Us Anymore
  18. I'm Glad You Got Breast Cancer, Cunt
  19. I'm Not That Kind Of Boy
  20. Internet Is Gay
  21. Into The Oven
  22. Jack Kevorkian Is Cool
  23. Jeanine Jizm Is A Freak
  24. Marc Payson Is A Drunk
  25. Obviously Adopted
  26. Picnic Of Love
  27. Punching Joe Bonni's Face In
  28. Recycling Is Gay
  29. Reni Auberjonois
  30. Saving Ourselves For Marriage
  31. Shut Up Mike, Pt.2
  32. Sweatshops Are Cool
  33. Technology's Gay
  34. The South Won't Rise Again
  35. The Word Homophobic Is Gay
  36. Valujet
  37. Van Full Of Retards
  38. Walker, Texas Corpse
  39. Waterfall Wishes
  40. You (Fill In The Blank)
  41. You Are A Good Food Critic
  42. You Are An Interior Decorator
  43. You Can't Shut Up
  44. You Drive An Iroc
  45. You Fucking Break
  46. You Go To Art School
  47. You Got Date Raped
  48. You Have Goals
  49. You Keep A Diary
  50. You Live In A Houseboat
  51. You Look Divorced
  52. You Own A Store
  53. You Play On A Softball Team
  54. You Sell Cologne
  55. You're A Cop
  56. You're A Fucking Cunt
  57. You're A Tready Fucking Pussy
  58. You're Best Friend Is You
  59. You're Dumb
  60. You're Gay
  61. You're In A Coma
  62. You've Got Cancer
  63. Your Band's In The Cut-Out Bin
  64. Your Kid Committed Suicide Because You Suck