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Eclipse Eternal

Eclipse Eternal

Letras de Eclipse Eternal

  1. A Knife to the Throat of Life
  2. Art Of Murder
  3. Awaken Ye Lords Of The Dark
  4. Beyond God
  5. Desolation Forms My Minds Eye
  6. Evolution Beyond the Species
  7. Infested With The Human Disease
  8. Murder As Art
  9. Nihilistic Contempt For Optimism
  10. Reign Of The Unholy Blackened Empire
  11. Requiem For The Fallen
  12. Sacrifice Love To The Gods Of Hate
  13. Sacrifice To The Dark Lord
  14. Seven Billion Dead and Hung
  15. Storming The Pearly Gates
  16. The Dragon Has Come To Blot Out The Stars
  17. The Eternal King From Below Doth Arise
  18. Übermensch
  19. Virgin Mary A Virgin No More