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Letras de Emerna

  1. Adrift In Nothingness
  2. As Sword Is Kissing Vein
  3. Conclusive Evidence
  4. Dance With Gray Flames
  5. Dancer In The Dark Diabolical Desires
  6. Empty Hell
  7. Esoteric Digression
  8. For Your Gracious Rays
  9. Hey! They Knew Your God Was Gun
  10. I Am The True Deeepest Diaboleee
  11. I Covered The World In Gloom
  12. I'm Here To Tell You Nothing
  13. Infernal Declaration Of Human Life
  14. Into The Embrace Of X-gender Satan
  15. Lost In Archangle's Forgotten Love
  16. Misanthropic Unholy Sadness
  17. My Incoming Insanity
  18. Nevergoer
  19. No Time To Dark Majestic Love