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Emitt Rhodes

Emitt Rhodes

Letras de Emitt Rhodes

  1. Better side of life
  2. Birthday Lady
  3. Bubble gum the blues / I'm a cruiser
  4. Ever find yourself running
  5. Ever Find Youself Running
  6. Fresh as a daisy
  7. Golden child of God
  8. Live till you die
  9. Long time no see
  10. Love will stone you
  11. Lullabye
  12. Mary Will You Take My Hand
  13. Mirror
  14. My love is strong
  15. Promises I've made
  16. Really wanted you
  17. She's such a beauty
  18. Side we seldom show
  19. Somebody made for me
  20. Take you far away
  21. With my face on the floor
  22. You must have
  23. You should be ashamed
  24. You take the dark out of the night
  25. You're a Very Lovely Woman