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Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)

Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)

Letras de Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)

  1. A Keepsake
  2. Actually, I'm Just Wearing Your Glasses
  3. An Idea Is a Greater Monument Than a Cathedral
  4. Archival Footage
  5. Documenting Thirty Days
  6. Everything Familiar Has Disappeared! The World Looks Brand new!
  7. Everything Is Connected And Everything Matters (A Temporary Solution To a Permanent Problem)
  8. Everything Rests On Your Small Shoulders
  9. Everything Small Is Just a Small Version of Something Big
  10. How to Make Love Stay
  11. How To Stay Afloat In a Sea Of Change
  12. I Am a Snail, And You Are a Pace I Cannot Match
  13. I Knew This Because As I Drove, The Hole That Was Me And My Life Was Getting Smaller And Smaller And Was Being Filled With New Hampshire, Or Maybe It Was The Idea Of New Hampshire, But Who Cares, As L
  14. I Swim Like a Minnow
  15. I Was Somewhere Cold, Dark... And Lonely
  16. I Would Have Stolen You a Whole Orchestra
  17. IDK, My BFF Jill
  18. If We Had Found You Any Later, You Would Have Drowned
  19. It Happened Because You Left
  20. It Was Your Heart That Saved You
  21. It's a Fate We Can't Escape. Someday We Will All Pass Away.
  22. It's a Plague, And You're Invited
  23. K.O. K.O. (The Most Of My Worries Are The Least Of Your Concerns)
  24. Keep What You Have Built Up Here
  25. Lilly, I Have Something Important To Tell You
  26. Our Love Has Made Us Pariahs
  27. Rally The Troops! Poke Holes In Their Defenses! Line Our Coffers With Their Coffins!
  28. So How Many Points do You Have 'Till You Gain, You Know, The Ultimate Power?
  29. The Horror Of Riovanes
  30. The Hour Of Pearl
  31. The Loneliness Inside Me Is a Place
  32. The Next Step To Regaining Control
  33. The Only One Who Could Ever Reach You
  34. The Wholesome Sea Is At Her Gates Her Gates Both East And West
  35. They Will Throw Us To The Wolves
  36. Turbo Stasis
  37. Water
  38. We Did Not Need To Open It To Know It Was There
  39. We Were Not Small Or Great But Grown
  40. What Had Taken Years To Put Together Was Destroyed In One Moment
  41. What Safe Means
  42. When You Are Done Living On Borrowed Time
  43. With Your Greatest Fears Realized, You Will Not Be Comforted
  44. Year Of The Rabbit
  45. You Have To Believe That Life Is More Than The Sum Of Its Parts, Kiddo
  46. You Promised You'd Stay Here With Me