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Letras de Empty

  1. A Place Called Solitude
  2. A Source Of Hollow Essence
  3. Alone In The Darkness... My Eternal Rest
  4. Apenas Palavras
  5. Arrival Of The Sickening One
  6. Dium Minutti
  7. Echoes Resounding Between The Abyss Of Time
  8. Empty
  9. Falsas Lembranças
  10. Hatred Is My Strength
  11. Holy Martyr
  12. Manifest Of Endless Sorrow In Sanity
  13. Mortuary Tune Of The Prisioner´s Anguish
  14. Owner Of Wailings
  15. Seguir em Frente
  16. Sobre Nós
  17. Son Of The Rain (My Divine Rain)
  18. Sonho
  19. The Goddess Of The Perpetual Lake
  20. The Horrible Drawing Back Of The Veil
  21. The Last Breath Of My Mortal Despair
  22. The Spectral Paleness Of The Skin
  23. To The Stake
  24. Vast Immensity (Of Death)
  25. Vazio
  26. Worship Me And Die