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Eternal Sacrifice

Eternal Sacrifice

Letras de Eternal Sacrifice

  1. Aurum Solis (Catharsis of a Himog Illuminates for Thanatherous Aleph)
  2. Black Funeral (Mercyful Fate Cover)
  3. Ignis Mallus, a Tale Of Lullabies (prelude)
  4. Paganus Doctrina (opus II: Rustic Places Of Eternal God From Ancient Phoenician
  5. Paganus Doctrina (OPUS II: Rustic Places of Eternal God from Ancient Phoenician Civilization Newborn Child Sacrifice)
  6. the ceremony of pentagrams consecration
  7. The Golden Serpent Kundaline om the Bows of Stone of the Water and Sun Into the Temple of Salomon (Poetic Rhapsody)
  8. The Mortal in the Valley of the Beltion of Fire and the Mystic Sword of Archanun Baal Iblis at Regency of the Mountain Poet... The Great Magician ! (MUSICKANTIGA il troto)