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Fall of The Idols

Fall of The Idols

Letras de Fall of The Idols

  1. Agonies Be Thy Children
  2. An Age Comes to Its End
  3. At the Birth of the Human Shadow
  4. Atonement For The One
  5. Beneath The Burning Sun
  6. Black Magic Mushrooms
  7. Cathedral of Doom
  8. Cold Air
  9. Flowers
  10. Halls Of The Forgotten
  11. Keep Wandering The Night
  12. My Home the Gallows
  13. Nosophoros
  14. Omen From The Sea
  15. Sown Are The Seeds of Doom
  16. The Conqueror Worm
  17. The Grand Act
  18. The Pathway
  19. The Walk
  20. Ungodly Thirteen