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Flesh Grinder

Flesh Grinder

Letras de Flesh Grinder

  1. 700 Autopsies
  2. Act II: Zombie Flesheater
  3. Act III: Antropophagus
  4. Act IV: Terror Brazilis
  5. Acute Syndrome Resembling Infectious Monucleosis
  6. Adverse Effects Seen In Immunologically Compromised Hosts
  7. Anatomy In Surgery
  8. Blood, Pus, And Gastric Juice
  9. Boneyard
  10. C.C.C.T. (Close Cranio Cerebral Trauma)
  11. Cadaveric Saponification
  12. Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis
  13. Chronic And Recurrent Regurgitant Lung Disease
  14. Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis
  15. Cold Gangrene
  16. Congenital Abnormalities Of Basic Mechanisms Of Excretory Tubules
  17. Cutaneous Anaphilaxis
  18. Developing Malignant Cancerous Tissue In The 8th Inch Of The Large Intestine
  19. Flesh Grinder
  20. Granulomatous Inflammation With Elliptical Macrophages
  21. Gruesome Party
  22. Hemorragica
  23. I'm With The Guts
  24. Inflamed Rectum From Anal Intercourse
  25. Laceration Of Vasoconstrictive Emotion
  26. Putrescine (The Germ)
  27. Rectal Prolapse And Hemorroidal Collapse
  28. Ritual Removal Of The Clitoris
  29. S.P.L.A.T.T.E.R.
  30. Synopsis Of Cytomegatovirus Infection
  31. T.B.N.C.I.H. - Necroconsume
  32. Technics To Extract The Female Reproductive System Thru Anal Canal
  33. The Amorphous (Nonfibrous)
  34. They Like To Play With Their Food
  35. Tissue Injury Caused By An Apparent Immunologic Reaction Of Host
  36. Treponema Pallidum In Penial Discharge
  37. Ureoplasma Urealyticum
  38. Use An Enteratoma In a Blue Vulva
  39. Vaginitis Due To Vaginal Infection
  40. Watch Out... Here Comes Derek