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Geoff Zanelli

Geoff Zanelli

Letras de Geoff Zanelli

  1. All He Wanted Was Peace
  2. Back to the Moors
  3. Etiquette Lessons
  4. Hello, Beastie!
  5. I've Made My Choice, You'll Have to Make Yours
  6. It Is Love That Will Heal You
  7. Maleficent Returns
  8. Mistress of Evil
  9. Origin Story
  10. Our Fight Begins Now!
  11. Pinto's Recon Mission
  12. Poachers on the Moors
  13. Protecting Our Kind
  14. The Dance of the Fey
  15. The Phoenix
  16. Time to Come Home
  17. Ulstead
  18. We Have Her
  19. We're Dark Fey
  20. What Is Going on Here?
  21. You Don't Have to Change
  22. Your Majesty, They're Coming from the Sea