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Hail The Sun

Hail The Sun

Letras de Hail The Sun

  1. Black Serotonin
  2. Body Damage
  3. Burn Nice and Slow (The Formative Years)
  4. Dead Messages
  5. Doing The Same Thing And Expecting Different Results
  6. Eight-Ball, Coroner's Pocket
  7. Entertainment Lies
  8. Human Target Practice
  9. Ministry Of Truth
  10. Never Kill a Mouse; Let it Kill Itself
  11. Ow! (SPLIDAO!) I Like It, Though
  12. Paranoia
  13. Relax/Divide
  14. Testostyrannosaurus
  15. The
  16. The Fun In Dysfunction
  17. The People That Protect Us
  18. Will They Blame Me If You Go Disappearing?
  19. Words of Gratitude (Parents)