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  1. Züriwest
  2. Zumbalanço Samba Rock
  3. Zulma Cantora
  4. Zülfü Livaneli
  5. Zucchero
  6. ZRM
  7. Zoroastro
  8. Zorica Brunclik
  9. Zona Zero
  10. Zona Ganjah
  11. Zona Fuego
  12. Zombies (Disney)
  13. Zolita

top 13 musicas

  1. Hoje
  2. Quero Lhe Falar
  3. Corri
  4. Não Tem Hora e Nem Lugar
  5. Abençoa Nossa Reunião
  6. Curtir
  7. Cumpramos os Requisitos de Deus
  8. Não os Temais!
  9. As Coisas Bonitas de Deus
  10. Declaremos as Boas Novas Eternas
  11. Ainda Existem Cowboys
  12. Eu Não Quero Amar Você
  13. Doido Pra Te Amar


Half-handed Cloud

Half-handed Cloud

Letras de Half-handed Cloud

  1. A Bed That Breathes With Him
  2. A Suit Of Clouds To Ride The Skies
  3. A Tree Replanted Back In Eden
  4. Animals Are Cut In Two
  5. Baldy Knees
  6. Can't Even Breathe On My Own Two Feet
  7. Celebrating Hearts Aligned
  8. Considered It A Loan
  9. Dear John
  10. Disaster Will Come Upon You, & You Will Not Know How To Conjure-it Away
  11. Drowning Chariot
  12. Earth Outside Of Gost Will Only Be Quicksand
  13. Even The Sparrow'd Be Arrowed
  14. Everyone Did What Was Right In Their Own Eyes
  15. Eyes Peeled
  16. Ezekiel Bread
  17. Feed Your Sheep A Burning Lamp
  18. Flea Market Temple
  19. Foot On The Brake
  20. Grandfather Foreskin
  21. Hey Advocate
  22. I'm The Blinder
  23. In You Now, But Still Below
  24. Jael Peg Caper
  25. Let's Build A Planet
  26. Let's Go Javelin'
  27. Our First Full Day Was Spent In Rest
  28. Picnic Few Want
  29. Place Your Wind Against My Sails
  30. Praise Awaits You
  31. Pressing Into It
  32. Rainbow=Warbow
  33. Rewire My Desire
  34. Rise To The Heavens On Evaporation
  35. Sailing The Veil-boat
  36. Samuel Sleeps Where The Ark Lays
  37. Skip The Rope
  38. So Busted Before Your Righteous Throne
  39. So-so Sorry Teacher
  40. That You May Be Gracious
  41. The Body Binds Us
  42. The Famine's Hard
  43. They're Bad But We're Worse
  44. To Love Like The Father And Son Love Each Other
  45. Tounges That Possess The Earth Instead
  46. Tuck Us In, Father
  47. We Don't Know How It Grows
  48. We Must Be Ploughed-Up
  49. We're Very Greatly Loved
  50. You Wouldn't Embarrass Me, Would You?
  51. You've Been Faithful To Us Clouds