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Confira a Letra Forest Of Whispers

Haru Killer

Forest Of Whispers

Says the legend that a long time ago
A cursed king had to hide himself
His people betrayed him and alone
He found out he was

So he ran away to far far away
He was alone in the dark when
A spirit suddenly appeard to him
He was afraid for a moment but the spirit
Told him he should not be afraid of it

So into a beautiful woman it turned
She said he could stay hidden in a place
Where only the gods could find him
And he accept for ruin of his heart
Little did he know what was his destiny

He was sent to HELL without even know it
And when he arrived in the dark place
It looked like a forest full of trees
Diceased trees and wastelands was everywhere
Leaves goind down to the ground reaching the earth

A wind that would change anyone's mind before entering it
The smell of human flesh burning in the fire
Then touched him the hand of an old man screaming for help
He was there beside the spirit and then she said one word
Wich more sounds like a spell of dammed souls


All he have seen untill that moment
Like magic dissapeard and became new again
Green trees and plants beautifull like in a paradise
And birds singing beautifull songs like a fairytale
Blue sky up high and green grass

She told him he would be safe there
And a place to stay he was looking for
Calming down day-by-day he was
So in the shades of disgrace he felt away for
And in the first night of sleep he heard a voice
That silent said

Sleep now my prey rest in peace in the land of death
Fall in the hands of this warm place in the cold night
Here you are safe, Here you are in my hands
Here you can stay now, Here you stay forever
Bound to my will, my fate and my future
And you will forever obey mi desires and my calls

In the second night of sleep he heard a voice speaking
An ancient language he could not understand
But he would soon realize it's not mind you use for this language
And yes the heart and soul like a language of feelings
Used by only the ones with great power

He could feel the sadness and despair in the voice of the spirit
And it so soon also got in control of his heart
Making him fall in total despair and decay with no turning back

King of your land I brought you here
To hide from your enemies forever
But although, you cannot leave
As I said first you stay forever here

I must ran away from your claws before it's too late
(you don't understand)
It's already too late, I'm now your queen
Make me yours and so does
Make yourself mine

King of the MEN

Seek no escape because my love for you it's real
I am yours and in full submission I lend myself to you
Gracefull king, rule my world my lord
Be my guide star and my guardian of light
Search for people to conquer
Slaves to be rulled by you

And so when the sun set down in that night
The moon raised up in the high sky
To bless their night full of love
With great shinning stars of pride
The gods closed another book of legend
And the story was told to the angels