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Confira a Letra Forsaken Thoughts

Haru Killer

Forsaken Thoughts

This is one of the stories
Of my face to face with death
And one of the most painfully ones
I can not survive to this torture
Please come back to me my love
I beg you in my knees Now

That exhausting night when you left me alone in the dark
Only acompanied by myself and my mind full of decay
That closing wheather was no longer my friend
Making me wander around the night seeking for my home
Blind with your knife pusshed into my heart for abandom me
I cried and screamed for you but you didn't hear me
I could not hold it anymore so I went to the palace of the end
To finish the suffering that tormented me for so long
And handle my life into the hands of God

Somebody saw me in the edge of my life
And pulled me back from that place
The guardian angel of my life
Had taken form and came down to earth
To stop me from suicide's will
So beautifull she was
And she through away the pain
That once lied in my heart for you
Making me strangely wonder why were I there
If finally fate had blessed me with a treasure
The miracle of love was in my body and my mind
Was everywhere around me
And in the air I breathen

You came to me and saved me
With no will of payback
And threw me away from darkness
Leading me to this never reached place
Where birds were singing again
And suddenly all the rain that lied above us
Dissapered in the sky like a heaven's gift

I looked deep into your black eyes
So I saw the window to your soul
The most pure thing I ever saw in life
And even my dreams couldn't be better
Your long hair reaching the the ground
And I reallized you were the woman I was searching
And I also realized that I could never have you
Treasure of skies and away from my hands

So tried to talk to you and hear your voice
You speacked to me with your silent voice
Can't now remember the words I couldn't hear
But one thing I can remember is the way it sounded
So I told wat happen to me and how was I feeling about you
To my worst nightmare come true
Your heart belong to another one
Crushing again my hurted heart to thousands of pieces
Making me have again those Forsaken Thoughts