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Here Comes The Kraken

Here Comes The Kraken

Letras de Here Comes The Kraken

  1. 3:33 A.m.
  2. A New Leader
  3. Beverly Hell
  4. Confessions Of What I've Done
  5. Cruzades
  6. Dont Fail Me Darko
  7. From The Deepest Darkness
  8. I Should Have Asked Where The Remote Control Was Before I Killed You
  9. Idrugs
  10. Into The Slaughter Basement
  11. Knights From Southside
  12. Miss Starving Skeleton
  13. Never Regret
  14. Nu Beginning
  15. Stoner Sundays
  16. The Legend Of The Rent Is Way Hardcore
  17. Underwater Visions