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Hidden Citizens

Hidden Citizens

Letras de Hidden Citizens

  1. (I Just) Died In Your Arms
  2. Ain't No Grave
  3. All For One (feat. Hael)
  4. Another One Bites The Dust
  5. Beware Of Darkness (Rånya)
  6. Casualty (feat.Quinn Lewis)
  7. Crazy On You (feat. Rånya)
  8. Don't Speek (feat. Tim Halperin)
  9. Down Come The Rain
  10. Everywhere (feat. Adam Christopher)
  11. Fight For You (feat. Alaina Cross)
  12. Hazy Shader of Winter
  13. Here We Stand (Genesis)
  14. Heroes Fall
  15. Hit Me With Your Best Shot (feat. Adam Christopher)
  16. I Ran
  17. Immortalized
  18. Is This The End (feat. Young Summer & Sam Tinnesz)
  19. It's a Sin
  20. Land Of Confusion
  21. Let Me Out
  22. My Turn Now (feat. VĒ)
  23. Never Stop (feat. Jung Youth)
  24. No Easy Way Out (feat. Vē)
  25. Nothing Is As It Seems
  26. Novocaine (feat. Tim Halperin)
  27. Nowhere To Run (feat. Keeley Bumford)
  28. Out Of Time (feat. Erin McCarley)
  29. Paint It Black
  30. Ready For This (feat. Sam Tinnesz)
  31. Run Run Rebel (feat. ESSA)
  32. Shattered Dreams (feat. Vē)
  33. Silent Running
  34. Slipping
  35. Somebody's Watching Me
  36. Stay Alive
  37. Strange Young World (feat. Rånya)
  38. Take On Me
  39. Take Over (feat. Ruelle)
  40. The One To Survive (feat. Josh Bruce Williams)
  41. Too Far Gone (feat. Svrcina)
  42. United (feat. Rånya)
  43. Warpath
  44. Warrior (Stand up)
  45. We're Writing History (feat. Tim Halperin)
  46. You're No Good (feat. Rånya)