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His Statue Falls

His Statue Falls

Letras de His Statue Falls

  1. A Headless Crow Can't Bite
  2. Breathe In, Breathe Out
  3. Bury My Shell At Wounded Knee
  4. Capital H, Capital O
  5. Curtain Call
  6. Flatliner
  7. Forever... At All
  8. Give It Up! Give It Up!
  9. Hang Me High
  10. Here. After
  11. Hoe'pocalypse Now
  12. I Am The Architect
  13. If Shakespeare Had a Myspace Profile
  14. Increase Decrease
  15. Infidel
  16. Jasmin W. Knows How To Mosh
  17. Miles
  18. Mistaken For Trophies
  19. My Way / My Rules / My Profit
  20. Skip The Goodbye
  21. Sooner If You Let Me
  22. Sorry For Killing The Spirit
  23. The Black In My Eyes
  24. The Missing Piece Of No One
  25. The Virus
  26. Two Steps Forward, No Step Back (feat. Tyler Carter)
  27. You Need Hit To Spell Shit