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  1. Damares
  2. Vitor Kley
  3. Fabiana Anastácio
  4. Djonga
  5. Xuxa
  6. Valente
  7. Hinos de Cidades
  8. BK'
  9. Anitta
  10. Vocal Livre
  11. Solevante e Soleny
  12. Roberto Carlos
  13. Rick e Renner

top 13 musicas

  1. Tsugaru Heiya
  2. Oitavo anjo
  3. Hino de Itaí - SP
  4. Hino de Fortaleza - CE
  5. Hino de Coruripe - AL
  6. Recordações de Ypacaraí
  7. Eu Sei
  8. Leitura
  9. Faveláfrica
  10. Marcia
  11. Canta Pássaro Preto
  12. Ele É
  13. Onde o Amor Reina


In Love With A Ghost

In Love With A Ghost

Letras de In Love With A Ghost

  1. Am I A Girl? Am I A Boy? Do I Really Care? I'm Hungry Anyway
  2. Chilling At Nemu's Place
  3. Flowers (feat. Nori)
  4. Healing
  5. I Hope You Don't Mind If I Come Here To Cry
  6. I Know It's Not Easy But You're Not Alone Anymore
  7. I Was Feeling Down Then I Found A Nice Witch And Now We're Best Friends
  8. Introduction
  9. Let's Walk Across This Forest, I Can Feel That Everything Is Real Again
  10. Qwerty Enchanted The House And Now It's Attacking Us
  11. Welcome At Qwerty and Azerty's Home