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Confira a Letra Midnartiis

Infernal Beauty


Liner Notes:
After his unprecedentedly virulent outburst of autohypnotical self-suppression, Viglius seems to have found renewed vitality to contemplate and explore the presupposed profoundness of his psyche…maybe it's here that the key to Midnartiis is to be found…

Meanwhile, the peasant - whose lust is satisfied, but not his curiosity - goes back to where he left Viglius. He finds him, alone and muttering in his fever : it's as if Viglius has realised his dream, when seemingly, a vision of Midnartiis appears ; as an image of a sphere this near, the mystic seems almost capable of grasping it. Yet the peasant sees nothing but an outrageous manifestation of total insanity, embodied by a raving and delirious alchemist. The peasant's insulting exclamations bring the mystic back to reason, yet he's still convinced -maybe more firm than ever- Midnartiis can now be reached, and establish thereby his and the peasants salvation.



"Eerie the mystic detaches and prays :"


" We, who as fools,
dawdle across this earth,
-opaque, as shadows-
flee from its suffer
and senseless mirth,
exceed to merge innumerable worlds
to one, which is the splendour of beauty in all,
harness the realm of our thoughts to the stars,
that our mind a world of divine will sprawl.


From the confused plurality of forms,
leads us astray : the Psychopompic journey!
As the ideas are the principal forms,
- landmarks of seas of lore -
figments alike, we should form in us,


From these shades unfolds to see…
A sphere of wisdom and purity.
Deny thy body and refuse thy strength,
Save thy semen and walk with me…

Yet our brat crepitates and frowns:"


"Ne'er shall I grasp a sigh
of thy ludicrous, wretched confabulation
More, even, does a boar's arse,
deserve my veneration
Symptom of my generation!"


"Save thy semen and walk with me!"

Liner Notes:
And yet : ...Alas ! In his boundless euphoria Viglius storms forward, thereby performing lude acts accompanied by wild and strange gestures...our mystic is in an unprecedented Dionysic trance which absorbs the totality of his remaining vital energies. Taking his vision for real, Viglius jumps forward, convinced to bridge the infinitesimally small gap remaining between him and Midnartiis... And there and then occurs an utmost deep tragedy. Instead of his jump resulting in Viglius' falling in the benevolent arms of Midnartiis, he painfully falls with his face upon the dirty ground, whereon the peasant had just urinated thoroughly. How big a failure could one imagine ? The agony, the exhaustion, the disillusion is total and unseen...Viglius collapses, and so does his tormented mind.