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Jacky Cheung

Jacky Cheung

Letras de Jacky Cheung

  1. And Then She Hit Me
  2. Coffee [ka Fei]
  3. Conrazon de Melao
  4. For My Broken Heart (with Reba McEntire)
  5. Forget You, I can't do
  6. I Go To Pieces
  7. I Got It Made
  8. In love with you duet with regine velasquez
  9. Kiss Goodbye (Wen Bie)
  10. Lost Christmas
  11. Never Go Down
  12. Something Only Love Can Do
  13. Speak Without Words
  14. This Time Next Year
  15. Touch of Love
  16. When Bie
  17. Xin Ru Dao Ge