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  1. Hinos de Cidades
  2. LetoDie
  3. Samuel Mariano
  4. Anitta
  5. Racionais MC's
  6. Gaab
  7. Católicas
  8. Ferrugem
  9. Biollo
  10. BK'
  11. Baco Exu do Blues
  12. Alisson e Neide
  13. Melim

top 13 musicas

  1. Gritos da Torcida
  2. Jesus Chorou
  3. Respira
  4. Cobaia (part. Maiara e Maraísa)
  5. Igreja Poderosa
  6. Minha Linda Bela
  7. Deixa (part. Lagum)
  8. Antes Dos Gigantes Chegarem
  9. Oh Quão Lindo Esse Nome É (part. Mauro Henrique)
  10. Vandalism81 Cypher #1 (part. Sant, Samantha Zen, Tiago Mac, Fael Tujaviu, Kayuá e Lord ADL)
  11. Oh, Quão Lindo Esse Nome É
  12. Ouvi Dizer
  13. Deus Escrevendo


Little Jimmy Dickens

Little Jimmy Dickens

Letras de Little Jimmy Dickens

  1. A-sleepin' At The Foot Of The Bed
  2. Another Bridge To Burn
  3. Before I Met You
  4. Bessie The Heifer
  5. Best Years Of Your Life
  6. Butter Beans
  7. Can You Build Your House (on Another Man's Grave)
  8. Careless Darlin'
  9. Country Boy
  10. Daddy And The Wine
  11. Fireball Mail
  12. Handle With Care
  13. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
  14. Heartbreak Avenue
  15. Hillbilly Fever
  16. How To Catch An African Skeeter Alive
  17. I Came So Close To Living Alone
  18. I Can't Help It (if I'm Still In Love With You)
  19. I Cried Again
  20. I Got a Hole In My Pocket
  21. I Love Lucy Brown
  22. I Wear It Well
  23. I'll Sit This One Out
  24. I'm Little But I'm Loud
  25. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
  26. Is Goodbye That Easy To Say
  27. It Didn't Take Me Long
  28. It May Be Silly
  29. It's Me That Hurts The Most
  30. Jambalaya (on The Bayou)
  31. John Henry
  32. Life Turned Her That Way
  33. Lonely People
  34. Making Believe
  35. May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose
  36. My Heart's Bouquet
  37. Night Train To Memphis
  38. Out Behind The Barn
  39. Out Of Business
  40. Petal From a Faded Rose
  41. Pins And Needles (in My Heart)
  42. Release Me (and Let Me Love Again)
  43. She's Not Forgotten Yet
  44. Singing Waterfall
  45. Sleeping At The Foot Of The Bed
  46. SLOWLY
  47. Someday You'll Call My Name
  48. Sorrow's Tearing Down The House
  49. Stepping Stone
  50. String, Eraser And Blotter
  51. Take An Old Cold Tater (and Wait)
  52. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
  53. They're Gonna Have Me Committed
  54. They've Stole My Steel Guitar
  55. Things Have Gone To Pieces
  56. Tomorrow Never Comes
  57. Tomorrow's Just Another Day To Cry
  58. Tramp On The Street
  59. Violet And a Rose
  60. Wabash Cannonball
  62. Walking The Floor Over You
  63. Watching The Fire Go Down
  64. We Could
  65. We Could 2
  66. When a House Is Not a Home
  67. When Did You Leave Heaven ?
  68. When The Ship Hit The Sand
  69. Where Did The Sunshine Go?
  70. Whole World Seems Different
  71. You Wouldn't Cross The Street To Say Goodbye