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John Elefante

John Elefante

Letras de John Elefante

  1. Corridors
  2. Defying Gravity
  3. Don't Leave The Band
  4. Every Time You See Me Cry
  5. Exit 39
  6. Eyes of my Heart
  7. Fall
  8. Give it All Away
  9. Home With a View
  10. I'll Love You Forever
  11. If You Just Believe
  12. No one's Ever Died for me Before
  13. Not Just Any Other Day
  14. Pass the Flame
  15. That's why God made the Moon
  16. The Stream
  17. The Truth, The Life
  18. The Way That You Love Me
  19. This is what Love is
  20. This time
  21. We Will Find Our Way
  22. Where does our Love go?