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Confira a Letra I Love Candy

Laura Port

I Love Candy

My life is sad, salty bland but everything can be improved with a sweetI love candy! I find until I have covering, in the coffee of the morning I am perfect, in the lunch, dessert taste, am a saint in the coffee of the afternoon! in the supper, taste of bullets !!!(taste of bullets )

I love candy! And what you have to have with this? already he said that I am perfect in the coffee of the morning? I am not saint! valuable objects does not interest me, does not bind for expensive jewels, nor for chic clothes, but I love ice cream, a bonbon or until a simple bullet I HY CMam not insane person, if I will be, all also I am! if understand you me, debtor but you are alone! 3x
I love candy
Yé delicious