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Confira a Letra Some Girls

Lisa Fischer

Some Girls

I think I've found the man I've been dreaming of
I finally fell in love
And he's that kind of guy who makes his fantasy
All about me
But I know I should keep an eye
Cause some girls want to steal my guy
I try to get him all he wants coming up, coming up
But what I love about him is I know he's not messing around
My boyfriend is a fine, fine fellow
And I trust him to beyond he is
He's always sweet and kind like a valentine
But it isn't really what's going through the minds of

Some girls must really think I'm crazy
They start messing with my guy
They try to tell me lies all about him

Some cold stuff
They way he handles me sets souls in a store
I could not ask for more
He keeps me company
He's all I'd ever need a lover to be
But some girls know what jealousy
I don't understand what they say
That's such a crazy way to be
But some girls are just that way
They talk all over town
To spread a rumour all around
Saying that's true

My eyes don't quite believe what they're seeing
Isn't that girl one of my best friends?
She slipped into his arms
And tried to turn him on
And it really lets me know for sure
That I can't just hurt no more

Some girls they must really think I'm crazy
They start talking to my guy
They try to tell me lies all about him

The nerve of some girls
They're out of their minds
They act so wick and shy
I can't believe the things they try
Some girls want to be my friend
I think that's very fine
Until they step over the line
Uh, get back

He told me not to be ever worried
Said no other girl could fill his eyes
But when he supposed to smile
I watched the girls go wow
And it really hits me with a shot
When I simply notice

Some gils must believe I'm crazy
They start messing with my guy
They try to tell me lies all about him

Some girls will do silly things
Some girls I know ain't gonna never change
Some girls think they're cutie pie
They'll try to be my friend and get my guy
But I know I'm the one who he really loves

Some girls don't know when to quit
Some girls I swear they don't care a bit
Some girls see you with your guy
And still have undercover in the eye
But they no wonder what who he really loves