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Luther Barnes

Luther Barnes

Letras de Luther Barnes

  1. Come Fly With Me
  2. God Will Wipe All Tears Away
  3. God's Promise
  4. He'll Come To My Rescue
  5. Heal The Land
  6. Heaven On My Mind
  7. I Am So Satisfied
  8. I'm Not The Same
  9. I'm Still Holding On
  10. If I Live To See One Hundred
  11. If You Wait On The Lord
  12. It's About Time
  13. It's Your Time
  14. Jesus And Me
  15. Jesus Cares
  16. My God Can do Anything
  17. Precious Lord
  18. Satan Take Your Hands Off Me
  19. So Satisfied
  20. Somehow,Someway
  21. Spirit fall down
  22. Stop By Here
  23. Take Your Burdens To Jesus
  24. The Other Shore
  25. There's Nobody Else Like Him
  26. What More Can I Do
  27. You Keep On Blessing Me