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Confira a Letra Come Alive


Come Alive

Bits of spirits were set on a carpet of carbon
pieces of apes were placed in a time of ice and iron

'Keep fit - Survive'

Primitive Jeeps crushed fossils and ancient bone
chandelier-sized flowers aromatized pollen and chromosome
puzzles grew on trees where mutilated fruit hung
like the hats of inscrutable guests
who'd sipped their soft drinks and sung:

'Keep fit - Survive'
'You won't recognise yourself till you come alive'

Pepsi-Cola, Pepsi-Cola brings your ancestors back from the grave

At Leonardo da Vinci Intercontinental Airport
a Swiss pathologist missed his connecting flight

An asteroid kicked up the dust the dinosaur stubbornly bit
man's brain was taken
the cortex stuck at an awkward angle on it
his first words were:

'What have I done to deserve the sun!"
'What have I done to deserve the rain!"

Pepsi-Cola ...