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Letras de Noctuary

  1. ...And Hate Embraced This Night
  2. A Tear's Descent From Heaven
  3. At Journey's End
  4. Black Angels Return
  5. Black Bleeding Soul
  6. Cast Into The Brooding Shadow
  7. Clouds Donning The Black Sky
  8. Consumed By Fear
  9. For Salvation
  10. Forever Shrouded Within This World
  11. Forever Silent
  12. From Ashes We Rise
  13. Funeral Ceremony
  14. His Majesty Of The Shadows
  15. Journey To The Lost Kingdom
  16. Legions March Unto Earthly Realms
  17. Lost In Illusions
  18. Sorrow In Winter Darkness
  19. The Once Forgotten Past
  20. Vengeance Before Valor
  21. When Fires Breed Blood
  22. Where All Agony Prevails