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  1. Angela Maria
  2. LetoDie
  3. BK'
  4. Racionais MC's
  5. Melim
  6. Alisson e Neide
  7. Damares
  8. Ferrugem
  9. MC Neguinho do Kaxeta
  10. Gaab
  11. Costa Gold
  12. Católicas
  13. Biollo

top 13 musicas

  1. Gritos da Torcida
  2. Jesus Chorou
  3. Calmaria
  4. Sou Eu
  5. Cobaia (part. Maiara e Maraísa)
  6. O Segundo Sol (part. Cassia Eller)
  7. Minha Linda Bela
  8. Ouvi Dizer
  9. Deus Escrevendo
  10. No Tempo Dele
  11. Sinto a Sua Falta
  12. Monstros
  13. Te Amo Disgraça




Letras de Noiserv

  1. 307d
  2. Atennagro
  3. B.I.F.O.
  4. Bontempi
  5. Bullets On Parade
  6. Consolation Prize
  7. Dance
  8. Don't Say Hi If You Don't Have Time For a Nice Goodbye
  9. Download
  10. For The Ones Who Left Me
  11. Good Son
  12. Guarantee
  13. I Was Trying To Sleep When Everyone Woke Up
  14. I Will Try To Stop Thinking About a Way To Stop Thinking
  15. I'm Not Afraid Of What I Can't do
  16. It's Easy To Be a Marathoner Even If You Are a Carpenter
  17. It's Useless to Think About Something Bad Without Something Good to Compare
  18. Life Is Like a Fried Egg, Once Perfect Everyone Wants To Destroy It
  19. Little Maestro (feat. Luis Costa)
  20. Melody Pops
  21. Mr. Carousel
  22. Palco do Tempo
  23. Seconds Are Enough If You Only Have One Thing To do
  24. The Sad Story Of a Little Town
  25. This Is Maybe The Place Where Trains Are Going To Sleep At Night
  26. Time2
  27. Today Is The Same As Yesterday, But Yesterday Is Not Today
  28. Tokyo Girl
  29. Vinte e Três