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Letras de Oathean

  1. A Life of Suffering Craving The Darkness
  2. Attitude we have
  3. Beyond The Memories I Lost
  4. Days Of Fraud, Days Of Glory
  5. Frigid Space
  6. From The Depths of Despair
  7. In Fear With Shiver
  8. Place in the sun
  9. Punishment of Being Alone, It's Cruel Strength Breaks Me Away
  10. The Eyes Of Tremendous Sorrow
  11. The Last Elegy For My Sad Soul
  12. The Origin
  13. The Price
  14. The Rotten Egg Smell On My Belly
  15. Too Much Love Will Kill You
  16. Transparent Blue Light- So Too Much Tearful...
  17. Wandering Soul
  18. What She Likes It From Abdomen