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  1. Hinos de Cidades
  2. LetoDie
  3. Samuel Mariano
  4. Anitta
  5. Racionais MC's
  6. Gaab
  7. Católicas
  8. Ferrugem
  9. Biollo
  10. BK'
  11. Baco Exu do Blues
  12. Alisson e Neide
  13. Melim

top 13 musicas

  1. Gritos da Torcida
  2. Jesus Chorou
  3. Respira
  4. Cobaia (part. Maiara e Maraísa)
  5. Igreja Poderosa
  6. Minha Linda Bela
  7. Deixa (part. Lagum)
  8. Antes Dos Gigantes Chegarem
  9. Oh Quão Lindo Esse Nome É (part. Mauro Henrique)
  10. Vandalism81 Cypher #1 (part. Sant, Samantha Zen, Tiago Mac, Fael Tujaviu, Kayuá e Lord ADL)
  11. Oh, Quão Lindo Esse Nome É
  12. Ouvi Dizer
  13. Deus Escrevendo


Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio

Letras de Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio

  1. (Mercury Rising) Seduced By The Kisses Of Cinnabar Sweet
  2. (Remember) What You Sow Is What You Reap
  3. A Song 4 Hate & Devotion
  4. A World Not So Beautiful (A Song 4 The Emperor)
  5. Amore Rosso Amore Marrone Amore Nero (Il Waltzer Del Lupo Mannaro)
  6. And So Forth...
  7. Ashen Like Love And Black Like The Snow
  8. Autopsy Of a Love
  9. Border
  10. C U M And Let Me Lead You Far Astray
  11. Can You Hear The Devils Laughing? (Or Is It Just Me)
  12. Can You See The Forest For The Trees?
  13. Cleansing The Tainted Face Of Reason
  14. Cleft Of Stainless Rose
  15. Confessions Of A Sinflower
  16. Conquest, Love & Self Perseverance. The Gospel Of Aptitude
  17. Disrobed But In Stockings
  18. Do Angels Never Cry And Heaven Never Fall?
  19. Do Angels Never Cry, And Heaven Never Fall?
  20. Do Murder And Lust Make Me A Man?
  21. Dreaming of My Scarlet Woman
  22. Erotisk Tillägnan
  23. Flowers and Moonshine in My Garden of Eden
  24. For The Good Of Humankind
  25. Forgive Me I Am Not Satan I Am Mary Just Like You
  26. From Copenhagen With Love
  27. Glory To Thee, My Beloved Masturbator
  28. Harvesting The Crop, The Chaste Verdict Of Negligence
  29. Hear The Sound Of A Black Flame Rising
  30. Hell Is Where The Heart Is - The Gospel Of Tomas
  31. Hunting for the black september
  32. I Am The Sweetest Of Devils
  33. I Think About Germany And The End Of The World
  34. I Will Even After The Flowers Are Gone
  35. Imbecile, My Idiot Lover
  36. In High Heels Through Nights Of Broken Glass
  37. In My Little Black Dress
  38. In The Grassy Fields, Where The World Goes To Sleep (We Kissed This World Goodbye)
  39. Invocation Of Prosperity, Pleasure, Progress And Love
  40. It Was The Day Of Lucifer Rising
  41. Let Me Show You All The Secrets Of The Torture Garden
  42. Let The Words Of My Murder Be The Last Words You Hear
  43. Let's Celebrate The Exploration Of The Human Body
  44. Living By The Sword, Dying By The Sword, The Lustrous Banquet
  45. Lost Forever In The Blitzkrieg Of Roses
  46. Lucifer In Love
  47. Make Love, And War
  48. Man Always Forgets
  49. Mary Dances In The Shadows The Holiest Of Harlot
  50. Mistress Of Hourglas Figure
  51. My Felicity Of Midwinter
  52. Nature Seeking Equilibrium / War For The Principle
  53. Never Before At The Beauty Of Spring
  54. Ouroboros, The Serpent Of Neither Beginning Or End
  55. Passing Eyes in Mimer's Well
  56. Phosphorus Ascending / Anthem Of Venus
  57. Reaping The Fallen
  58. Regression And The Return To Paradise Extinct
  59. Remember Depravity, And The Orgies Of Rome
  60. Rituals Of Love, In The Passage Of Genocide / Song
  61. Serpent Kisses And Serpent Smiles Inside The Order Of Roses And Equlilibrium
  62. She's In Love With A Whip - My Venus In Furs
  63. Sheep For A Lifetime, Or Lion For A Day
  64. Song For The Old Man
  65. Sons & Daughters Of Lilith And Cain
  66. Tango for the Concession of the Suspender Princess
  67. The Blind Are Leading
  68. The Love And Defiance Of Being Alive
  69. The Misanthropic Polygamist (How Gods Dream)
  70. The Perplexity Of Hybris (I Glorify Myself)
  71. This Absolute Supper, Second Consecration
  72. This Is Darkness
  73. Thou Can Not Love Them All, When The Trumpet Sound
  74. Three is an orgy, four is forever
  75. To Tirzah
  76. Too Late For Innocence, Too Late For Regret (Four Hands Please Better Than Two)
  77. Under The Rose, Coitus Excelsis. Pain, Bondage And Subjugation
  78. Victory Starts Here, In The Land Of Completion
  79. Walpurgisnacht In The Grotto. Dancing With Lilith
  80. Watching Lucifer Wander (Through The Sweet Dew Of Morning)
  81. Who Stole The Sun From Its Place In My Heart?
  82. Your Sex Is The Scar