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Outsider (Rapper)

Outsider (Rapper)

Letras de Outsider (Rapper)

  1. Acquaintance
  2. Alone
  3. An Empty Dream (A Time-Limited Life)
  4. Bleeding Luv (feat. Kuan A.k.a K-proud)
  5. Bye U (Feat. G.O)
  6. City Hunter (feat. Basick, Carry.d Of Swagger)
  7. Come Outside (feat. Mc Ha)
  8. Everlasting (Feat. Sunday 2PM, Kuan, LMNOP, KEIKEI, CURIOUS)
  9. Face Off (feat. Mc Sniper)
  10. Go Go Sing (feat. Whale)
  11. Hero (feat. LMNOP)
  12. Hit Me (feat. Illinit)
  13. Hyper Soar (feat. Simon Dominic)
  14. I Think Of You When The Wind Blows Feat. Ilac
  15. In The Night (feat. 37908)
  16. Innovation
  17. Life Goes On (feat. I.d Technic)
  18. Like a Man
  19. Luv Business (feat. Bizniz A.k.a Young Gm, J'kyun)
  20. Masquerade (feat. Park Mi Kyung)
  21. Míol Mór Mar
  22. Motivation
  23. Music Makes Me High
  24. One Way (feat. MC Sniper)
  25. Only The Microphone
  26. Perfect Love (feat. Room9, BK)
  27. Pierrot's Tears
  28. Present (feat. KEIKEI)
  29. Really (feat. Sunday 2PM)
  30. Remember The Name (feat. One Stone) -
  31. Rollercoaster (feat. Yohan)
  32. S.O.B (feat. Giba, San E)
  33. Since 1983
  34. Skit
  35. Speed Racer (feat. All Memberz)
  36. Therapist (feat. Illinit)
  37. Unsigned Hype (feat. Deepflow, Dj Kubix)
  38. Value Of The Man (feat. Deffinite Of Sunday 2pm)
  39. Voyage to the Outside World (feat. L.E.O of KEIKEI)
  40. Zero To Hero