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Letras de Pathfinder

  1. Ad Futuram Rei Memoriam
  2. All The Mornings Of The World
  3. Beyond The Space, Beyond The Time
  4. Chronokinesis
  5. Elemental Power
  6. Fifth Element
  7. Forever Young (Alphaville cover)
  8. If I Could Turn Back Time
  9. March To The Darkest Horizon
  10. Moonlight Shadow (cover)
  11. Pathway To The Moon
  12. Ready To Die Between Stars
  13. Sons Of Immortal Fire
  14. Spartakus And The Sun Beneath The Sea
  15. Stardust
  16. The Day When I Turn Back Time
  17. The Demon Awakens
  18. The Island of Immortal Fire
  19. The Lord Of Wolves
  20. The Whisper of Ancient Rocks
  21. Undiscovered Dreams
  22. Ventus Ignis Terra Aqua
  23. Vita
  24. When The Sunrise Breaks The Darkness
  25. Yin Yang