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Confira a Letra Saturday Night Again

Patrick Stump

Saturday Night Again

It's Saturday night again
It showed up without any shame
All the dogs are missing masters
And the cats are on the town
There ain't heaven here to rain on this parade
Now do you want dignity?

Or do you want love?
Go ahead and want both but you only get one
You embarrass as fast as a bullet from a gun
Staring down the barrel of a name brand tongue
It's Saturday night again
It started over
Ignoring Sunday morning's advice
If I've got anything to say,
You've got to be coming home with me tonight
Let's make the same mistakes in a brand new place tonight
Because it's Saturday night

Tonight it's just wolves dressed as wolves
The kind that get mistaken for sheep
They're all whispering their rumors
They sing just like secrets
Just not the kind you'd ever want to keep

Did anyone say that this was a game?
No? Then why do I need to take sides?
So bartender fill me up
Cause I'm so sick of being la la la la loved
Just because it's Saturday night again
She's got your number
And you've got her scent
She left it on your collar
But you don't know where she went
It's the ghost of a good time
You carry around
A little artificial like the confidence you found
When it was Saturday night again