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Paxton Tom

Paxton Tom

Letras de Paxton Tom

  1. Bottle Of Wine
  2. Daily News
  3. Don´t Slay That Potato
  4. High Sheriff Of Hazard
  5. Hold On To Me Babe
  6. Jennifer´s Rabbit
  7. Last Thing On My Mind
  8. Leaving London
  9. My Lady´s A Wild Flying Dove
  10. One Million Lawyers
  11. Outward Bound
  12. Ramblin´ Boy
  13. She Sits On The Table
  14. The Love Of Lovin You
  15. The Marvelous Toy
  16. The Willing Conscript
  17. Tom Paxton
  18. What Did You Learn In School Today
  19. When Annie Took Me Home
  20. Yuppies In The Sky