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Letras de Regi

  1. Alpha Girl (feat. Elektra)
  2. Another Me (feat. Jessy)
  3. Back Off (feat. Katerine)
  4. Better World Without You (feat. Yannick)
  5. Chasing Dreams (feat. Scala)
  6. Clounds (feat. Pedro Rodrigues & Katerine)
  7. Elegantly Wasted
  8. Gli Anni D'oro (Rocco & Rool) (feat. Rocco Granata)
  9. Hang On (feat. Stan Van Samang)
  10. Hard (feat. Karen Damen)
  11. High On Your Love (feat. Katerine Ellis)
  12. Hold On (feat. The Ditch)
  13. I Fail (feat. Scala)
  14. I Still (feat. Laura)
  15. I'm a Man (feat. Roel Vanderstukken)
  16. Imagination (feat. Nelson)
  17. Larger Than Life (feat. Wout & Caren Meynen)
  18. Loaded Gun (feat. Tyler)
  19. Naked On The Dancefloor (feat. Katerine)
  20. Never Smile Again
  21. Next To Nothing (feat. Vanvelzen)
  22. Night And Day (feat. Tom Helsen)
  23. Notice Me (feat. DHT & Edmée)
  24. Now You're Gone (feat. Nelson)
  25. Punish (feat. Koen Buyse)
  26. Runaway (feat. Tyler)
  27. Spoiled (feat. Kate Ryan)
  28. Take It Off (feat. Kaya Jones)
  29. Tears To Dust (feat. Ameerah)
  30. The World Is Coming Down (feat. Basto!)
  31. Throw It Up (feat. Ray)
  32. Victim (feat. Reshum)
  33. Wanna Be a Star (feat. D-me)
  34. Wanna Make Love (feat. da Rick)
  35. We Be Hot (feat. Amererah & Turbo B.)
  36. What Is Life? (feat. Danzel)