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Regnum Umbra Ignis

Regnum Umbra Ignis

Letras de Regnum Umbra Ignis

  1. Awakening Spirit
  2. Between Eternity And The Nothing
  3. From Hate To Domination
  4. Illu Adversu Deus
  5. In Offering To Wrath
  6. Like A Wolf
  7. Lord Of Horizons
  8. Nizeisch
  9. On The Ecclesiastics Ruins
  10. Sadist Claws Of Existence
  11. Satanized Inner Power
  12. Satanstorms Manifestation
  13. The Arcane Of The Misanthrope
  14. The Cult To The Night Of The Times
  15. The Moonfog Realm´s
  16. The Shadow And The Serpent
  17. Unforetelling Philosophism