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  1. LetoDie
  2. Melim
  3. Anitta
  4. Damares
  5. Gusttavo Lima
  6. Biollo
  7. Racionais MC's
  8. Católicas
  9. Hinos de Cidades
  10. Djonga
  11. Xuxa
  12. Samuel Mariano
  13. BK'

top 13 musicas

  1. Gritos da Torcida
  2. Aloha, e Komo Mai
  3. Jesus Chorou
  4. Sou Eu
  5. Cobaia (part. Maiara e Maraísa)
  6. Minha Linda Bela
  7. Parece Que o Jogo Virou
  8. Deixa (part. Lagum)
  9. Oh Quão Lindo Esse Nome É (part. Mauro Henrique)
  10. Ouvi Dizer
  11. Deus Escrevendo
  12. Eu Sei Que Vem
  13. Sinto a Sua Falta


Rev. Gary Davis

Rev. Gary Davis

Letras de Rev. Gary Davis

  1. Baby, Let Me Lay It On You
  2. Candy Man
  3. Crucifixion
  4. Death Don' Have No Mercy
  5. God's gonna separate the wheat from the tares
  6. Goin' Sit Down On The Banks Of The River
  7. Hesitation Blues
  8. I Am The Light Of This World (version 1)
  9. I Am The Light Of This World (version 2)
  10. I Am The True Vine
  11. I Want To Be Saved
  12. I Will Do My Last Singing In This Land
  13. I won't be back no more
  14. I'm Throwing Up My Hands
  15. Im Glad I'm In That Number
  16. Keep Your Lamps Trimmed And Burning
  17. Let Us Get Together
  18. Lord, Stand By Me
  19. Mean Old World
  20. Moon Is Going Down
  21. Motherless Children
  22. Oh Glory, How Happy I Am
  23. Sally where'd you get your liquor from
  24. Samson And Delilah
  25. She Wouldn't Say Quit
  26. Soon My Work Will All Be Done
  27. There Was A Time That I Went Blind
  28. There's Destruction In That Land
  29. Twelve Gates To The City
  30. Won't You Hush
  31. You Got To Move