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Sacred Blood

Sacred Blood

Letras de Sacred Blood

  1. Battlefield Aenaon
  2. Before The Gates Of Ishtar
  3. Blades in the Night
  4. Call Of Blood
  5. Death Behind The Walls
  6. Enchantress Of The East
  7. Friend Or Foe
  8. Gates of Fire
  9. Golden Shields In The Sky
  10. Hail The Heroes
  11. Heart Of The Ocean (Nearchus Advancing)
  12. Hellenic Steel
  13. Heroic Spirit
  14. Hordes of Evil
  15. Land of the Braves
  16. Legacy Of The Lyre
  17. Legends Never Die
  18. Legends Of The Sea - The Epic Of Apollonius
  19. Macedonian Force
  20. Marching To War
  21. New God Rising (At The Oracle Of Siwa)
  22. O'er The Tomb (Beyond The Pillars Of Heracles)
  23. Oracle
  24. Phalanx Invicta
  25. Ride Through The Achaemenid Empire
  26. Sacred Blood
  27. Spartan Warlord
  28. The Apotheosis Of Alexander
  29. The Battle Of The Granicus (Persian In Throes)
  30. The Bold Prince Of Macedonia
  31. The Defenders of Thermopylae
  32. The Golden Fleece pt.1
  33. The Golden Fleece pt.2
  34. The Warrior's Scion
  35. To Lands No Man Hath Seen
  36. Warrior's Song