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Sarah Jezebel Deva

Sarah Jezebel Deva

Letras de Sarah Jezebel Deva

  1. A Matter Of Convenience
  2. A Newborn Failure
  3. A Sign Of Sublime
  4. Bitch
  5. Daddy's Not Coming Home
  6. Genesis (Intro)
  7. Lies Define Us (feat. Bjorn Strid)
  8. No Paragon of Virtue
  9. Pretty With Effects
  10. She Stands Like Stone
  11. Silence Please
  12. Sirens
  13. The Corruption of Mercy
  14. The Devil's Opera
  15. The Eyes that Lie
  16. The Road To Nowhere
  17. The World Won't Hold Your Hand
  18. They Called Her Lady Tyranny
  19. This Is My Curse (Feat. Dani Filth)
  20. When 'It' Catches Up With You
  21. Your Woeful Chair
  22. Zombie